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When is the moment to start oral care and prevention of oral diseases?

Prevention – protection against tooth and oral diseases, starts from the moment a woman understands that she is pregnant and continues until the 12th year of the child’s life.

What is needed:

A pregnant woman should protect herself against acute infectious diseases and temperature conditions which troubles metabolism and especially mineral exchange.


Healthy diet and meeting energy needs of organism is important to provide enough proteins, lipids, vitamins, minerals and especially calcium and phosphorus.

Daily needs of calcium for children is 1 g and for pregnant women – 2 g per day. One liter of milk contains around 1.5 g calcium and 1 kg white cheese – around 5 g calcium.


When and why do oral hygiene and care start?

Toothless baby mouth is rubbed by a gauze with a solution of hydrogenic peroxide 1-2% dissolved in water in ratio 1:1. After the eruption of the first baby tooth parents can start using the first brush-like devices which resemble a thimble with silicone fibers at their end.

At 1-2-year-old age they can start using first ultra-soft baby toothbrushes. It is important to pay attention so that the baby does not swallow toothpaste because of the risk of fluoride over-intake and development of fluorosis. Tooth brushing should become a real moment of fun for the little child! Combine it with a favorite children song with approximate duration of 3 minutes and let the fun begin!