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Treatment of Dental Caries

Dental Caries is one of the most common health problems in human population and affects more than 95% of people all over the globe. It develops under a bacterial layer called dental plaque (a complex of food residuals, bacteria and its subproducts) which has not been cleaned well during daily oral hygiene procedures.  

Dental caries starts as an increased superficial loss of minerals from enamel crystals and continues as a gradual destruction of hard dental tissues. This leads to worsening of normal masticatory function and often is a reason of deteriorated esthetical appearance of the face.

According to its depth there are different types of dental caries: superficial, medium, deep and very deep. At the beginning there is no pain or other symptoms in superficial dental caries. Later some pain may occur as a result of outer chemical or physical irritants: sweet, sour, cold or when chewing.

In medium caries the destruction goes farther than the enamel-dentine junction and in deep caries dental pulp is only protected by a thin layer of dentine.

Treatment of dental caries consists of full removal of caries mass (destructed dental tissue) until healthy and sound structures are found, and afterwards, restoring of the anatomical shape of the tooth with the help of different biocompatible materials.

Complications of non-treated dental caries after destruction having reached the dental pulp can cause or engrave already existing common diseases.