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Tooth bleaching


Patients can choose between in-office bleaching on the dental chair or a walking bleach technique (performed at home) or combine both methods. Products used meet the European directive for safety which effects from 2012.

Bleaching is being planned at a moment in which for the patient it would not be difficult to follow the so-called “white diet” – consumption of food and drinks with no pigments – water, milk, white bread, chicken, spaghetti, cream sauces, rice and so on. 

Bleaching is preceded by a visit for cleaning of the dental calculus and polishing. After the new color is achieved, if needed, the patient can continue with changing some old crowns and fillings whose color does not correspond with the new one. It is necessary that first the new color is achieved and after that new restorations are made. If bleaching is left as a last step of dental treatment, some disparity might occur between the color of the restorations and the newly achieved tooth color as the color of restoring materials cannot change by the action of the bleaching agents.